After Wondai, Sense of Wonder went on display in the heritage listed Customs House Residence in historic Maryborough, and settled into its stately surroundings for four months overlooking the beautiful Mary River. It opened on the 26th September 2015 to coincide with Open House celebrations and closed late January 2016.  At first Robyn and I were a little nervous. After all it was such grand place for Grandma Kate’s humble little cottage.

We needn’t have worried though as Sense of Wonder easily worked its magic proving its great flexibility. As a matter of fact it appeared they were a perfect match with people instantly connecting to the sense of story and place that goes hand in hand with history. Once again there was a huge participation in the activities provided. It seemingly made no difference that the area available was quite small in comparison to Wondai. The space was still covered in peoples drawings, poetry and writing.


INTERESTING FACT: Did you know this was the only time that Sense of Wonder was outside the traditional art gallery setting? Robyn and I manned the doors ourselves to help out on opening day. We had over three hundred people come through and most didn’t even know there was an art exhibition there. They were elated and surprised by what they found and Robyn and I were so grateful to have received all their comments personally.

      sow-maryborough-entry sow-maryborough-bed sow-maryborough-fireplace sow-maryborough-mice-on-rocking-horse sow-maryborough-mouse-in-bucket sow-maryborough-10 sow-maryborough-13 sow-maryborough-activities sow-maryborough-through2sow-maryborough-poetry sow-maryborough-9 sow-maryborough-lounge-2

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